Baby Makin’

So… remember that time we decided to go and have kids and thought we could continue on living our lives like NBD?

Yeah… about that…

Turns out kids take A LOT of time and energy. They are wonderful, don’ get us wrong… we love these little bundles with all of our hearts. But my o’my the days go by FAST, and when we actually have “me time”, our top priorities are napping or showering in peace. And then, before you even realize, it has been a year and a half later and your art supplies are growing moss. If they haven’t up and left the studio by now to head to greener pastures. And, really, could you blame them?

And as much as we truly love to create, and spend time in the studio giving all of our ideas and inspiration new life, sometimes it feels impossible to make it happen when you have tiny fingers tugging on your shirt to come snuggle.

So, this is an ode to the crafting mama’s out there: hold your mason jars high and cheers to doing the damn thing! Whether that is napping, showering, watching reality tv on the couch with wine, ice cream, or a little bit of both (no judgement here!), let’s all give ourselves a break for doing the best we can with what we can, and remembering that our “me time” can be whatever we damn well please.

And on that note, we are back, baby…. we are gonna paint, craft, nap, snack, and do whatever we damn well please, as often as we please. While drinking wine, most likely.

This one is for you, Mamas!!!





Big Things Poppin’

Sand and Sparkle

We are very excited to announce our pop-up shop at the Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA on April 30th through May 3rd! We will be setting up shop with many other talented local artists and vendors, so come on down and check out the goods!

We will have our furniture, framed art, prints, home decor, cards, and more in the shop! As you know, our items are unique and handmade, so they will be limited in quantity…. come see us before that piece you have been eyeing is snatched up!

Thursday, April 30th 5-8pm

Friday, May 1st 5-8pm

Saturday, May 2nd 12-8pm

Sunday, May 3rd 10-6pm


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